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Ace’s Enormous Black Dick

In this¬†straightfraternity update we get to see the black hunk named Ace as he gets that cock toyed with on camera and you get to see it as well. This is more or less a glory hole scene too but hey it’s entertaining to check out. Now Ace here is one fine black man packing some serious meat and he’s not above getting his dick wet every now and then of course. This whole thing happened as he saw a hole in the wall there and wanted to see if the person on the other side was down to give him a nice and long blowjob this afternoon. And as you can see in the preview and later in this straight fraternity¬† scene, they were pretty happy to do so too.

On top of Ace plopping his cock straight through the hole, you also get to see him show off that amazing body of his. And he takes his time to pose from multiple angles too just to make sure that you see him in all his nude glory. The moment of truth arrives and he needs to slide that cock through the hole. See the white guy immediately wrap his lips around the meat and watch him blowing that cock with a passion for this nice scene here. We bet that you’ll adore the action that goes down with these two and we’ll have more to show off next week as well. Until then do take your time with it and see you next time with a new gallery update! Also you might visit the site and see some clothed gay men getting their cocks sucked!


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