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Ex-Military Straight Guy

Well hey there again everyone and as usual welcome to all new and kinky straight fraternity updates just like always. Like the title mentions, the blonde guy is a army man and he just came back from deployment. His good fuck buddy couldn’t be more happy to have him back and he has a special surprise in store for him this fine afternoon. So yeah, let’s just check out this fresh straightfraternity scene with these two in action and you can get to see some juicy and hot incredible gay sex go down in it. Their show is full of passion today and we can guarantee that you will not want to miss out on this lovely little fuck fest with the two for the afternoon here.

Anyway, they had the bed all to themselves for this afternoon and you can bet that they were going to use it. The guy just lays his buddy on his back getting him all naked and throwing his underpants aside, and you can then watch him getting to suck and slurp on that meat pole with his juicy lips. He wants to make sure that he’s rock hard for his ass next and when he does, he gets to take his spot on top. See the two of them having plenty of fun with one another this afternoon and enjoy the show. This was the reward for the guy coming back and who knows, maybe in the future you’ll see them have more casual fun as well. Until next time everyone!


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