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Straight Fraternity Jace

Take a look at this Straight Fraternity Jace video, isn’t he looking super sexy and dangerous too?! He is a navy guy, who surprisingly accepted to appear in the series.  Jace turned out to be a friendly person, but also straight.. This didn’t stopped him at all, and he started rubbing his dick and getting into it rapidly. Just take a look at how his legs and feet flex while he gets more and more ecstatic. He didn’t minded at all to let the other guy wank him, in fact he enjoyed it so much that he came to climax pretty fast. So let’s get his amazing scene on the road.

This is one scene that you just have to see everyone if you want to watch a guy holding on for dear life as his cock gets pleased. Now we know that everyone has their own way of playing with themselves but Jace got to have a true mater taking care of that nice and hard meat pole of his. So sit back and watch the college guys moaning loudly and groaning in pleasure as the expert hands do one mighty fine job to stroke his cock fast and hard until he shoots a mighty jizz load all over himself at the end of his sexy scene today. Enjoy the gallery and do check out the past scenes as well for some more!

jace getting a handjob

Watch this hot navy boy getting a head from another guy!

Straight Fraternity – Marky and Denim

This week a pair of our straight fraternity guys went to a local club in hopes of scouting more hot guys to pick up. But as they were both unlucky, they decided to not waste the evening and go for a guy on guy quick fuck in the locale’s bathroom. If you want to see just how intense the blowjob and fucking got, head on over and check out the awesome gallery. Enjoy these two as they get to have some fun at the club bathroom and see them taking their time to enjoy their nice and hard fuck in such a risqué and public place too. It’s an amazing scene to see.

Well it seems that they got tired of the dancing and whatnot and since they were horny they had to do something about it too. Thing is that they were too far away from home to wait and so, they came to the decision to go wild in the bathroom. So let’s sit back and watch them go for it as you will get to watch them party hard in the bath stall as well. Watch Marky getting his cock sucked by Denim as he pulls his pants down and see him blowing a load in his jizz eager mouth and all over his cute face as well. We hope you’ll enjoy the superb update! For similar content, you can watch some maverick men videos and pics! Have fun and see you soon!


See as this horny guy gets his cock sucked!

Damian and Cody jerking together

For this one gallery straight fraternity brings you a jerk off contest. Damian and Cody both want to prove that they have a better technique, so the two started to jerk off and admire each others cock being stroked nice and hard. Well the two did get turned on and soon they started kissing, and before they knew it they were fucking each other’s asses. Well this is what you get when you put two kinky and passionate studs together and let them play as well. Let’s not waste time and see them getting wild with one another shall we?

It’s a hot scene whenever these two are involved and you get to watch them start off things with some nude stripping as they kiss and take off one another’s clothes. Watch them kiss passionately as they start to stroke their cocks. They continue to do their naughty tongue action kissing as they stroke their hard cocks today and as you will see, you will get to watch them ending up with one another’s big jizz loads all over one another as well. Have fun and see you next week with all new scenes and sexy guys once more! Also you might watch some free Cody Cummings videos if you are looking for similar hardcore gay sex scenes!

damian-and-cody-jerking-togther Watch this straight guys jerking their cocks together!

Straight Fraternity – Jacob and Tj

In this straight fraternity update, we decided to mix it up a bit. And that means we paired Jacob with Tj for this one. And it was one hell of a ride. Tj is one of our more experienced members and wanted in the end to demonstrate to Jacob how a real good deep throat cock sucking feels like. So watch him go down on Jacob in today’s great update. We know that you will just adore seeing the naughty and sexy trio of studs as they get to fuck one another nice and hard but the stars of this were definately Jacob and Tj.


We’re saying that because, even though the third guy tired to keep up with them he just didn’t have enough stamina to compete. So watch as they get to have a nice and hard style fuck as they double team the first guy. After he gets pleased properly he gets to sit on the sidelines as he watches the sexy Jacob and TJ continuing to have one nice and hard style fuck for the rest of the scene. See them sucking each other off and fucking nice and hard and enjoy it as usual. We will bring you more new scenes soon everyone!

 Watch this straight guy taking a cock down his throat!

Trevor sucks Dalton

Trevor and Dalton are a regular pairing in our straight fraternity gallery updates. And as you said it before, they never disappointed, so we brought them back today to work their magic for the camera. it’s just that the two have such a good dynamic together. So watch as Trevor goes down and starts sucking Dalton’s cock with a passion. Enjoy as two new guys make their debut here in force and as you will see, they get to have the time of their lives pounding one another’s sexy asses for the whole scene.

Dalton gets to be on the receiving end and with that, Trevor gets to teat his cock, balls and ass specially to prepare him. So sit back and watch Dalton getting a nice rim job as well after he gets to have that cock and balls of his sucked and slurped on by the sexy Trevor. Then you can see him bending over as he wanted to have that nice and big dick pounding him balls deep all afternoon long and Trevor was more than happy to fuck him as hard as he demanded today. Enjoy your new scene and see you soon with more new content!


Enjoy as he sucks those balls and jerks that cock!

Straight Fraternity – Junior and Cody

For this straight fraternity update, Junior and Cody go for each other’s cock in a sizzling hot male on male action gallery. Junior bet Cody couldn’t do a very good job at sucking cock and since Cody disagreed he said that if he’d satisfy him, Junior would have to offer up his tight ass for some thorough anal fucking. See what happened right now. Well as you can see, Cody was back for this one and he was sure thirsting for some nice and thick black cock withotu delay this afternoon. Well let’s watch him get it and enjoy!


Another fresh week started and we thought that a nice and hard style interracial fuck would do the trick for this superb and lovely scene. And we were right too. You get to see Cody get all over that nice and thick big dick and he does such a nice job of pleasing it that he makes Junior moan in pleasure while his lips works his shaft too. Of course, after all that, you can also see the blonde stud taking a nice and deep ass fucking as Junior uses his mighty cock to stretch out his ass nice and wide for this afternoon too. Have fun with it and bye bye!

Watch this guy taking a huge black cock in his mouth!

Ty fucks Robbie’s tight ass

As in every straight fraternity update,we always aim to bring you the best of the best guy on guy action between hot studs. And today is no exception as Ty gets to have fun with Robbie’s tight black ass. So watch Robbie jump up and down on Ty’s cock in this update and enjoy as the black dude takes a proper anal hammering in this update. Well it’s not every day that you get to see a nice and sexy black stud with a nice and firm tight ass and a big black cock taking a nice and hard style dicking and it’s nice to see the change in stereotype as well.

Well Robbie here just loves to take it in the ass as well every now and then and be on the receiving end as most of the times he’s the one that gets to be the alpha male. Watch and enjoy as you get to see the white stud Ty getting to sing his nice and thick meat pole in that chocolate tight ass today and have fun with this new and fresh scene. We’ll be seeing you soon as always with more new and fresh content and sexy studs too. Oh and do stay tuned for the end as well as you get to see the guys shooting loads all over one another too!

ty-fucks-robbie Watch this black guy taking a white cock up his ass!

Straight Fraternity – Blindfold handjob

For this straight fraternity gallery update, we bring you yet another green horn. As always you know he has to be put to the test and see if he passes. And the other horny guys didn’t go easy on him. And straight from the beginning they were all over his cock stroking it and sucking it until the guy moaned in pelasure and eventually came blowing his huge jizz load. Well you just need to see this amazing and hot hand job session as the guys get to have their fun with this stud as it’s just too amazing to pass up. So let’s get the cameras rolling shall we?


Like we said, you get to see the two blindfolded guys come into the scene first. Then they are allowed to play with each other as another guy teases them and it’s just too fun to pass up on watching it. Watch them sitting back ac holding each other’s hands as the other dude in the picture gets to stroke that nice and hard cock with his masterful hands today. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and rest assured that we have more to show off in future updates as well. So do make sure that you stay tuned to see them everyone!

 Watch as this blindfolded guy gets an amazing handjob!

Ty sucking Cody’s cock

Straight fraternity is back this week and we bring you another pair of two horny guys playing around. Ty took the role of the alpha male and Cody just went ahead and played the submissive role. So enjoy Ty as he really gets imaginative and starts to really fuck Cody’s mouth with a passion. And you just have to see the anal pounding he gave him too. But do make sure that you stay around here long enough to see this superb and sexy scene too.

Anyway, Ty and Cody are a pair of wild studs that just enjoy being naughty and kinky all the time within their fuck scenes and this afternoon was no exception either. Let’s take the time to sit back and see them partying hard style as they have some more naughty and sexy scenes to show off for you this afternoon. So watch them undress and then see Cody smiling as his good fuck buddy does wonders on his hard cock with his expert tongue and lips today too. Enjoy it and do come back soon for some more new updates!


Enjoy watching this guy deeptroating that cock!

StraightFraternity – Ace shooting his load

So today was another special day as we had a bunch of our straightfraternity guys down for a party. They sure didn’t waste any time and went straight for the fun part. Namely getting naked and ready to go down on each other’s cocks. In this one you can see the black guy Ace as he’s getting his cock sucked and you can see him blow his load all over the guy’s face.


As you can see, Ace is one mighty fine and kinky black stud and he just loves to get naughty and kinky as well. Sit back and watch him in action as well and see him getting to let the other stud sucking him off for a bit. But the guy isn’t finished with just that! You also get to see him putting on quite the naughty show as well as he gets to stroke that nice and big cock of his and he eventually ends up blowing his load all over the place and the other dude’s face too. Enjoy watching this handsome gay guys fucking!

Enjoy watching as Ace shoots a big load of cum!

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