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Straight Fraternity – Cody and Craig

Today’s straight fraternity features two hot and horny studs ready to get it on at any time. Their names are Cody and Craig and both of them pride of the fact that they are the masters of blowjobs. How to settle this dispute? By having each of them suck the other’s cock and let them see for themselves. So watch the two guys get down and dirty with some cock sucking action in this update. Check them out as they are going to start shoving their hard poles in and out of their mouths, one after the other, repeatedly. Come see who is better at sucking cocks. You will enjoy watching these two guys giving each other some intense blow jobs in this new update.

At first the blonde guy is going to start sucking on his friend’s hard pole, swallowing his cock completely and licking the whole thing from the tip to the base. Watch him taking that hard piece of meat inside his hungry mouth like a whore that he is. After that his partner is going to give him the same treatment. Come and see who will cum first. Watch these two guy and see for yourself who is a better cock sucker. Come see if they are going to start doing something else later on. Are you curious to see whether they will start engaging in some butt destroying action afterwards? There is only one way to find out. Click on the link above and see for yourself. Enjoy!


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