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Straight Fraternity – Double Loaded

We’re here yet again and you will recall that a long time ago here at straight fraternity we had a nice and kinky little glory hole scene with a fine black stud taking his time to get to have his cock sucked and deep throated by another expert stud on the other side of a wall. Well here is part two of that if you will, but with another guy. Not the guy that’s sucking the dick, as he’s still the same. But anyway, this makes this straightfraternity scene quite sensual too as back then, so let’s not waste anymore time and just get to watch as these two get around to get nasty on cameras without any delays this afternoon so you can see the glorious oral sex once more going down!


As the cameras get going, you pretty much get to see the guy sliding his cock through the hole while the other guy starts right to work on it. So with his pants dropped and firmly grabbing that wall, watch the  new guy starting to moan in pleasure as the muscled and tattooed guy gets to work at first with his expert hands on that cock. After that he gets to wrap his lips around it and it sure sounds like he makes the guy feel on cloud nine by the way he’s moaning in this one. Either way, this is one simply superb and sexy little scene that you just need to check out and we’ll be seeing you soon with much more new and fresh content as per usual.

Enjoy this guy blowing a dick through the glory hole!