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Straight Fraternity – Hung Mechanic

Another fresh week and time for another new¬†straight fraternity update to be delivered as per usual to your screens today. We know what you want to see and of course there’s plenty of that to go around in this little gallery here. The story in this one goes like this. This guy managed to break his car and had to go to the car shop to repair it. The mechanic there told him that it’d cost quite a bit and the guy was really short on funds. Now that was totes okay as the mechanic had something else in mind to pay him back in this¬†straightfraternity update. So that’s how the two ended up in the bedroom enjoying some steamy gay sex for the afternoon here today!


Well it didn’t happen right then of course. The guy called the mechanic to his place after his shift was over to play in a nice and private setting and you will see that the two ended up having lots of fun with one another in this little scene here for the afternoon. Once they were inside the bedroom the guy loses all of his clothes and lays back on the bed as this poor client gets to work that cock hard with his lips as payment. Anyway, how could he not want to play with the cock in the first place as pretty much the title says it too, the mechanic was packing a pretty big cock to boot. Enjoy the show with these two playing and see you guys next week with another new and fresh update.

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