Straight Fraternity
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Straight Fraternity – Jeb and CB

Today’s straight fraternity update is a superb one that you most definitely need to check out this week. The two man sluts that get to have fun with one another in this gallery are Jeb and CB and these two university studs have an apartment rented together. Now you can bet that that’s because they want privacy as the both of them are down for some kinky stuff always and they don’t like to be disturbed either. Let’s get to watch them in some pretty superb and incredible straightfraternity action this afternoon and there’s plenty that goes down. So let those cameras roll and let’s see these two guys showing off their cock sucking skills for the cameras and you guys today!


Take a nice and long look at their juicy scene here today as it takes place in the living room on that brown leather couch where most of their magic happens when they get naughty. There’s some in the bedroom but they seem to be fond of this particular furniture for some reason. Anyway, take your time to see some intense and hot undressing as the two kiss and caress one another and you get to see the darker skinned JB get down on Jeb’s cock to suck it. And he does a wonderful job at it too. We’ll leave the rest to be discovered up to you guys and we’ll see you again next week with another new and fresh update. Have fun until then everyone and enjoy the view!

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