Straight Fraternity
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Straight Fraternity – Jesse and Blake

Hey there guys. We’re back with more¬†straight fraternity goodies this afternoon and a pair of guys that will blow your mind with their naughty and hot little fuck session for the afternoon. The names of these two are Jesse and Blake and they would like to take their time to play with one another in this one in front of the cameras and you. And you can bet that this pair ended up putting on an incredibly hot sex session for everyone to see in the gallery. So let’s get right into the action with them as we bet that you want to see this juicy¬†straightfraternity scene go down without delay as well for the afternoon. So let’s check it out already shall we?


It seems that our pair ends up playing on the living room sofa and as you can see it’s all black leather. Something that turns these two guys on even more. The more hairy of the two gets to be the one on the receiving end and you can bet that he’s very very much okay with that whole idea. Well, sit back and watch him as he starts to blow his buddy’s cock with that expert mouth as he needs him nice and hard for the next bit, and while he does it, he also jacks off too. But before the scene is done, you can of course see him riding some cock cowboy style this afternoon. We certainly hope that you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you again soon with more all new and hot updates.

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