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Straight Fraternity – Abel’s 1st Time

Well another fresh week swung by and it’s time to check out another new straight fraternity gallery here with another straight guy getting his anal sex for the first time. And you get to see plenty of that around here too. Well as you know, the site is the best place to go and visit when you want to check out some pretty hot and juicy gay fuck scenes with horny dudes that love nothing more than to get down and dirty. You can bet that this scene here is pretty much part of the fashion and it’s simply amazing to check it out if you want to see this new straight guy taking his very very first anal fuck in this scene today. So let’s get to start those straightfraternity cameras shall we?


Well either way, the whole thing takes place in the living room as the two of them get around to play right there. That black felt couch is going to be put to some good use as you will see and the first order of business in this one is for the new guy to feel comfy with it all. See the other experienced guy making sure that he has a good time by getting all touchy feely with him and making sure to get to tease him as much as possible as well. The scene is just great to say the least and we’re sure that you will love seeing the straight dude getting his ass fucked doggie style in this gallery. Like the guys from the blog, this hot guy loves getting fucked doggy style!  Check out the past updates as well and you can see even more gay action!

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Orion’s First Asshole Play

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back to a brand new and juicy straight fraternity update. This week we get to see mr Orion at play and he has quite the scene that he gets to take part in. The guy gets to have his body pampered by another expert stud in the art of gay sex play and he loves every single second of it as you will observe. Orion never really did anything more than just some jacking off and some cock sucking here at straightfraternity and he decided that today was the day to try some anal action as well. With that in mind, let’s get to sit back and enjoy his first ever anal sex scene this week that goes down for you and the cameras.

Now the other guy takes things slow with him as that’s the only way to go when you get to take it in for the first time. And to start off nicely, you can see him putting those lips to some great use as he sucks that cock with a passion and while he’s deep throating the meat, you can see him gently using one or two fingers to tease his butt hole too. Orion finds this pretty amazing and before the end you will get to see him take a proper anal pounding from the guy today. So enjoy the show and let’s get to see the action go down with the two. We hope you’ll have fun with the whole thing and we’ll see you again next week with more new and hot straight fraternity content!


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Straight Fraternity – Double Loaded

We’re here yet again and you will recall that a long time ago here at straight fraternity we had a nice and kinky little glory hole scene with a fine black stud taking his time to get to have his cock sucked and deep throated by another expert stud on the other side of a wall. Well here is part two of that if you will, but with another guy. Not the guy that’s sucking the dick, as he’s still the same. But anyway, this makes this straightfraternity scene quite sensual too as back then, so let’s not waste anymore time and just get to watch as these two get around to get nasty on cameras without any delays this afternoon so you can see the glorious oral sex once more going down!


As the cameras get going, you pretty much get to see the guy sliding his cock through the hole while the other guy starts right to work on it. So with his pants dropped and firmly grabbing that wall, watch the  new guy starting to moan in pleasure as the muscled and tattooed guy gets to work at first with his expert hands on that cock. After that he gets to wrap his lips around it and it sure sounds like he makes the guy feel on cloud nine by the way he’s moaning in this one. Either way, this is one simply superb and sexy little scene that you just need to check out and we’ll be seeing you soon with much more new and fresh content as per usual.

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Navy Guy’s Surprise Blowjob

You guys loved the skills that the guy that was here in last week’s straight fraternity scene showed off and we decided to have him here once more to get to expose what he does best, which is of course sucking cocks. This time the guy on the receiving end of his luscious lips is another army man that just finished his navy training and he’s pretty happy to get to just lay back and let the stud work his magic for the afternoon. Well with that being said, let’s sit back and relax as another simply glorious and hot straight fraternity gay scene is about to unfold on your screens today. And you will have plenty to see with that guy doing his best oral performance yet for the afternoon.

The show takes place once more in his bedroom and he along side the guest of honor today can be seen kissing and caressing one another with a passion without delay. Though the marine is the one that gets to be naked. Just sit back and enjoy him exposing his hot body to you and the cameras to begin with as he’s pretty proud to show off as well. Once that is done he also gets to relax just like last week’s guy as those magic lips make him moan in pleasure as they suckle on that nice and hard cock for today. We bet that you’ll have fun with the two here this afternoon and we’ll see you again next week with another brand new and fresh update too!


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Straight Fraternity – Hung Mechanic

Another fresh week and time for another new straight fraternity update to be delivered as per usual to your screens today. We know what you want to see and of course there’s plenty of that to go around in this little gallery here. The story in this one goes like this. This guy managed to break his car and had to go to the car shop to repair it. The mechanic there told him that it’d cost quite a bit and the guy was really short on funds. Now that was totes okay as the mechanic had something else in mind to pay him back in this straightfraternity update. So that’s how the two ended up in the bedroom enjoying some steamy gay sex for the afternoon here today!


Well it didn’t happen right then of course. The guy called the mechanic to his place after his shift was over to play in a nice and private setting and you will see that the two ended up having lots of fun with one another in this little scene here for the afternoon. Once they were inside the bedroom the guy loses all of his clothes and lays back on the bed as this poor client gets to work that cock hard with his lips as payment. Anyway, how could he not want to play with the cock in the first place as pretty much the title says it too, the mechanic was packing a pretty big cock to boot. Enjoy the show with these two playing and see you guys next week with another new and fresh update.

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Liam Cuffed and Sucked

This week’s straight fraternity show is here to be checked out and we have another simply incredible content update fro this one. In this gallery you get to see a tad of S&M as well as the guy getting to be pleased gets to be tied up too. The guy in question is named Liam and as you can see, he’s a mighty fine looking dark skinned stud with a nice and big cock, so naturally the other guy just couldn’t resist the temptation of it. Let’s get to watch the two have lots and lots of fun in this new and hot straightfraternity scene for the afternoon and you can see the lucky Liam moan in pleasure while he gets to have his thick meat sucked and slurped on by the other guy!

As he takes a seat in the chair, the white tattooed guy makes sure to restrain his hands behind his head and then proceeds to undress the guy. You just have to see those expert hands tease that cock masterfully for a while and after all that, the guy’s luscious lips get to wrap around that meat and start sucking it with a passion. Just watch the whole deep throating madness and cock sucking going down for the afternoon and enjoy the view. There will be even more to see next week and all you guys need to do is make sure that you drop by to check it out. In the meantime we’ll leave you to it and we’ll see you next time with more new straight fraternity content!


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Straight Fraternity – Jeb and CB

Today’s straight fraternity update is a superb one that you most definitely need to check out this week. The two man sluts that get to have fun with one another in this gallery are Jeb and CB and these two university studs have an apartment rented together. Now you can bet that that’s because they want privacy as the both of them are down for some kinky stuff always and they don’t like to be disturbed either. Let’s get to watch them in some pretty superb and incredible straightfraternity action this afternoon and there’s plenty that goes down. So let those cameras roll and let’s see these two guys showing off their cock sucking skills for the cameras and you guys today!


Take a nice and long look at their juicy scene here today as it takes place in the living room on that brown leather couch where most of their magic happens when they get naughty. There’s some in the bedroom but they seem to be fond of this particular furniture for some reason. Anyway, take your time to see some intense and hot undressing as the two kiss and caress one another and you get to see the darker skinned JB get down on Jeb’s cock to suck it. And he does a wonderful job at it too. We’ll leave the rest to be discovered up to you guys and we’ll see you again next week with another new and fresh update. Have fun until then everyone and enjoy the view!

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Ex-Military Straight Guy

Well hey there again everyone and as usual welcome to all new and kinky straight fraternity updates just like always. Like the title mentions, the blonde guy is a army man and he just came back from deployment. His good fuck buddy couldn’t be more happy to have him back and he has a special surprise in store for him this fine afternoon. So yeah, let’s just check out this fresh straightfraternity scene with these two in action and you can get to see some juicy and hot incredible gay sex go down in it. Their show is full of passion today and we can guarantee that you will not want to miss out on this lovely little fuck fest with the two for the afternoon here.

Anyway, they had the bed all to themselves for this afternoon and you can bet that they were going to use it. The guy just lays his buddy on his back getting him all naked and throwing his underpants aside, and you can then watch him getting to suck and slurp on that meat pole with his juicy lips. He wants to make sure that he’s rock hard for his ass next and when he does, he gets to take his spot on top. See the two of them having plenty of fun with one another this afternoon and enjoy the show. This was the reward for the guy coming back and who knows, maybe in the future you’ll see them have more casual fun as well. Until next time everyone!


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Straight Fraternity – Jesse and Blake

Hey there guys. We’re back with more straight fraternity goodies this afternoon and a pair of guys that will blow your mind with their naughty and hot little fuck session for the afternoon. The names of these two are Jesse and Blake and they would like to take their time to play with one another in this one in front of the cameras and you. And you can bet that this pair ended up putting on an incredibly hot sex session for everyone to see in the gallery. So let’s get right into the action with them as we bet that you want to see this juicy straightfraternity scene go down without delay as well for the afternoon. So let’s check it out already shall we?


It seems that our pair ends up playing on the living room sofa and as you can see it’s all black leather. Something that turns these two guys on even more. The more hairy of the two gets to be the one on the receiving end and you can bet that he’s very very much okay with that whole idea. Well, sit back and watch him as he starts to blow his buddy’s cock with that expert mouth as he needs him nice and hard for the next bit, and while he does it, he also jacks off too. But before the scene is done, you can of course see him riding some cock cowboy style this afternoon. We certainly hope that you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you again soon with more all new and hot updates.

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Ace’s Enormous Black Dick

In this straightfraternity update we get to see the black hunk named Ace as he gets that cock toyed with on camera and you get to see it as well. This is more or less a glory hole scene too but hey it’s entertaining to check out. Now Ace here is one fine black man packing some serious meat and he’s not above getting his dick wet every now and then of course. This whole thing happened as he saw a hole in the wall there and wanted to see if the person on the other side was down to give him a nice and long blowjob this afternoon. And as you can see in the preview and later in this straight fraternity  scene, they were pretty happy to do so too.

On top of Ace plopping his cock straight through the hole, you also get to see him show off that amazing body of his. And he takes his time to pose from multiple angles too just to make sure that you see him in all his nude glory. The moment of truth arrives and he needs to slide that cock through the hole. See the white guy immediately wrap his lips around the meat and watch him blowing that cock with a passion for this nice scene here. We bet that you’ll adore the action that goes down with these two and we’ll have more to show off next week as well. Until then do take your time with it and see you next time with a new gallery update! Also you might visit the site and see some clothed gay men getting their cocks sucked!


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